Rebranding of Aqualift Trademark

aqualift-hydrogel buttock injections“National Center of Medical Technology” LLC has been engaged in manufacturing of hydrophilic implants under the trademark Aqualift for more than 12 years. That is a gel with unique properties. The product is exported to South Africa and Asia, as well as countries of the Far and Middle East.
In 2015 the management of the organization decided to carry out rebranding of Aqualift trademark. In connection therewith, the production was launched under the brand name Activgel. The company found a new method of production of the hydrogel, satisfying European requirements and standards for health care products. Such process made it possible to improve the quality of the finished product.
Characteristics of Activgel hydrogel
Upgraded Aqua lift hydrogel is made with the use of synthetic materials characterized by a high degree of purity. Absence of ingredients of animal origin is considered to be its key advantage. The composition of the product includes ingredients complying with medical requirements and provisions of Asian, global and European standards.
In order to ensure the product’s sterile properties, aseptic conditions are always observed in the manufacturing cycle. At the final stage of production, the hydrogel undergoes mandatory autoclave treatment.
Brazilian butt lift is believed to be one of the safest products adjusted to human physiology in the best way. Specialists maintain that 98% of it is saline solution.
Activgel hydrogel has the following distinctive features:
1. Enhanced formula of electric potential. Such property makes it possible to improve the microcirculation in the injection site.
2. Inert characteristics. If other fillers were injected to the body before, the hydrogel won’t react with them. For this reason the product may be injected to the same area several times in order to carry out gradual correction.
3. Weakly-acid properties. This feature creates a special environment preventing development and colonization of disease-causing microflora.
4. Absence of an irritant effect. In cases of breast augmentation with the hydrogel, one needn’t worry about allergic reactions.
5. Absence of inflammatory processes. The product also won’t move from the injection site.
Where large volumes (from 150 to 200 ml) of the new product are injected, specialists note absence of fragmentation symptoms or emergence of a fibrous capsule.
Activgel is widely used in cosmetic medicine in small amounts. The process of gradual biodegradation makes it possible to remove the product from the body completely after a while. For such purposes a special cosmetic product line is provided, where the volume of the product doesn’t exceed 4 milliliters.