ACTIVEGEL™ – Injection hydrophilic gel of new generation

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Do you want to return to the body its natural attractiveness or improve its shape? Do you want to correct imperfections or prolong your youth? Fortunately, in our time it’s not a problem, because medicine and high technologies have progressed far ahead. We offer you an innovative development – gel “Activegel”.

Activegel is an injection base from which fillers for contour plastics and new generation implants are made. This remedy has already found wide application in aesthetic and plastic medicine, as well as in reconstructive surgery.

This scientific development can be called a universal remedy, as it allows to solve many diverse tasks. It can be used as a filler to correct and shape the volume of soft tissues. It can restore the natural volume and shape, eliminate tissue deformation (for example, after an injury) and give necessary volume or volume desired by the patient.

Hydrophilic implant Activegel™ is produced only from environmentally friendly and non-hazardous synthetic materials and does not contain animal components or GMOs. Due to this, hypoallergenicity is achieved. The drug sterility is guaranteed since all stages of its production are carried out in aseptic conditions (without penetration of microorganisms) and at the final stage the gel is additionally sterilized by wet steam under high pressure (autoclaving method).


Advantages of our product:
● The material has no side effects, it is 100% safe to use;
the Activegel-based filler is simple and convenient to use. Patients tolerate injections with this implant easily;
Activegel-based bio-implants after injection do not resolve keeping the desired shape of the body for a long time;
● the effect from its use lasts more than 5 years.

The quality of Aktivgel was clinically confirmed and is highly valued by professionals. According to doctors who used this drug for a year, the gel did not cause any complications. The study showed several complications, but they were not associated with the substance itself, but rather with the fact that after its injection traumatic or lymphogenic infection occurred. Given correct injection and subsequent observance of hygiene rules, implantation of Activegel does not cause any problems.

You can buy Activegel on our website, in which case you are guaranteed the original quality from the manufacturer. We strongly recommend you not to purchase this product from unproven suppliers, as in such case you may end up buying a fake product.

We offer you to buy Activegel™ wholesale or retail. For price info, please call at the phone numbers listed on the website or send us an e-mail. We are sure that to order Activegel is the best solution for someone who wants to stay beautiful for a long time!

Main advantages of activegel

Safety <br>of application

of application

Effect duration<br>of over 5 years

Effect duration
of over 5 years

Wide application <br>area

Wide application

No side <br>effects

No side

Testimonials of doctors

Doctor of the highest category, plastic surgeon – O.E. Kopievsky
Doctor of the highest category, plastic surgeon – O.E. Kopievsky

After Activegel injection to patients for 12 months the following conclusion can be made:
With the correct injection of the gel, taking into account the location, quantity, complience with of aseptic and antiseptic rules, there are no complications related to the quality of the Activegel (Aqualift). Five complications out of 132 procedures were associated with the infection of the gel with flora that penetrted into it from the outside by traumatic, hematogenous or lymphogenous pathways.