Possibilities of using hydrophilic gels

Hydrogel implants for breast augmentationHydrophilic gel can be called a truly universal remedy, since the spectrum of its application covers various fields of medicine: plastic, aesthetic, and restorative. At the same time, the gel is easily digested, is not absorbed, does not cause an allergic reaction, which makes it one of the most advanced materials.

There is whole range of cases when it may be necessary to inject the filler “Activegel” or to apply an implant based on it.

For example, many women want to increase the size of their breast or improve its shape after giving birth and feeding. With the help of Activegel it can be done very quickly and easily – the breast will regain its natural shape and attractive appearance. For more detail go to the section “Mammoplasty”.

The shape of hips, shins and buttocks may also quite often be imperfect, and not always the desired result can be achieved with the help of physical exercises. The filler allows you to achieve a long-term effect without harm to health. Another advantage of this drug is that if after one administration the correction appears to you inadequate, you can do a second injection – Activegel does not react chemically due to its inertness.

Facial plastic surgery is another fast-growing area today. Every woman wants to stay young and charming and never to give up a single iota of her natural beauty. Of course, over the years, the acquired wisdom and experience put an imprint on the face in the form of wrinkles, but with the help of gel injections you can erase them! And, of course, everyone who wants to make their lips more voluminous can also count on the quick help of Activegel.

Research shows that the effectiveness of the drug in maxillofacial surgery was proven and the results were very optimistic. Trials were conducted in a group of patients of different ages with acquired or congenital soft tissue defects. Activegel was used on its own and in combination with other fillers and was injected into any areas of face skin with the exception of eyelids. After injections, the resistance of the body remained the same, the salivary glands continued to function as before and no side effects were observed.

Such properties of the gel as asepticity, hypoallergenicity, carcinogenic safety were clinically confirmed, which makes it possible to apply it even to people with sensitive skin and a tendency towards allergies.

The usage of this material is not at all limited to cosmetology: the gel is so practical that it is used for other medical purposes too. For example:

• Immobilization (restriction in movement) of enzymes, such as invertase, glucoamylase, trypsin and chymotrypsin. It is used for storage of enzymes inunstable temperature conditions;
• Prolongation of the effect of medicinal preparations;
• Basis for creating a microbiological environment for growth of beneficial bacteria;
• Creation of cartilaginous tissue implants, replacement of cartilage and bone tissues on a permanent basis;
• in the anti-burn film that does not leave scars on the body after removal.

Activegel is the latest technology and high quality proven by science!