Contour correction of face and neck with the help of Activegel

Head contour plastic surgery implantsOur face and neck are our calling card, and we do not want wrinkles to give out our age. Thanks to “Activegel”, wrinkles and other minor flaws on the face and neck skin are easily eliminated with contour correction.

Contour correction is a gentle method of rejuvenation, based on the injection of a special filler into the middle layer of the skin. This method is convenient because it does not require serious surgical intervention, it is easily tolerated and has a long-term effect.

There are cases when the face contour correction using Activegel is necessary because of some congenital or acquired defects. If the defect is small, then it is possible to rectify the situation by injecting a hydrogel into the area that needs correction. If the changes in the face contour are more pronounced, it is recommended to apply Activegel volume implants.

Gel fillers have been used for aesthetic purposes for quite some time, but the first-generation products were not so universal and reliable. First, they could thicken, and second, under pressure they became easily fragmented, and then reunited into a single whole. As a result, in soft tissues at the filler injection site lumps could appear, which caused complications. Now, fillers for contour plastics of the neck and face have a completely different composition, so the new generation drug “Activegel” has no such side effects.

Why is Activegel contour correction of face and neck safe?

1. Our gel is a new generation product that does not contain paraffin or silicone. More than 90% of the composition of the gel is saline, which is used in medicine and is administered intravenously. The solution is inserted into a polymer matrix which ensures a stable gel structure.
2. Activegel was tested, and it is clinically confirmed that the use of this filler does not cause complications if required sanitary standards are observed.
3. Being inside skin tissues, the filler does not cause irritation (it has been proved to be hypoallergenic).
4. The gel does not react chemically with previously administered drugs, so it can be used even if you have previously used another drug.

The advantage of Aktivgel is the duration of the cosmetic effect. You do not have to adjust the result every six months: one application will last for several years.

You can buy fillers Activegel for contouring the face and neck on the website. Contact us for accurate information about prices and shipping and we will advise you as best we can.

May beauty and health always be your companions!