Body contour correction

Body contour correction with Activegel

Body contour plastic surgery implantsA fit, properly built and elastic body is what everyone dreams about. But not always the desired volumes and proportions can be achieved due to physical exercises. There are cases when contour correction cannot be avoided. It is good that with the help of the last generation drug “Activegel” you can quickly and safely put yourself in order!

In modern clinics you can be offered:

• Correction of buttocks, changing their shape and tightening
• Adding volume in the hip area
• Increasing of the general tone and elasticity of skin
• Correction of the shin form

Aesthetic changes are necessary either because of characteristics of the anatomical structure or due to age or at the request of the client (if one wants to make the figure more expressive). In some cases, body contour plasty fillers will come in handy, in others – anatomical Activegel implants.

How correction is made with the help of gel injections:

“Activegel”, which is a sterile material, which is safe for health, is injected with a syringe into the middle layers of the skin. It is clinically confirmed that it does not contain genetically modified and animal components, hypoallergenicity of the material has also been proven. The gel does not dissolve after administration, therefore, after injection a good result remains for many months.

Anatomic implants made from Activegel for body:

Implants of anatomical structure impart a missing volume to those areas where it is necessary and allow for natural appearance. Volume implants for body are positively charged, so during the postoperative period oxidative processes in the body are blocked and no inflammation occurs. Thanks to this, adaptation to the implant occurs as quickly and safely as possible.

Why do doctors recommend our drug for contour correction?

The main reason, of course, is its high quality, which is clinically confirmed: the gel is produced using the latest technology, modern equipment and in completely sterile conditions.

Secondly, the material is universal, it can be used for any part of the body and applied repeatedly. Repeated injection does not cause irritation.

Thirdly, Activegel anatomical implants, like fillers, do not cause irritation and do not cause negative changes in the body. On the contrary, the properties of the drug are such that it increases microcirculation of blood by contributing to the regeneration of tissues and prevents the ageing of skin.

Health and beauty is something that we should not save on: it is better to buy fillers for contour body correction from a trusted manufacturer than to risk buying a cheap counterfeited drug. The price for volume implants for body, of course, depends not only on the material, but also on the work involved, and if your goal is to get a high-quality service, then you should use only reliable means.
We wish you to enjoy youth, beauty and self-confidence for a long time!