Activegel mammoplasty

Activegel mammoplasty

Breast augmentation with ActivegelIs there a standard of attractiveness of female breasts? Perhaps not: different times and different cultures have their own ideas about beauty. Nevertheless, almost every woman wants her breasts to be symmetrical, smart, flawless, and perhaps bigger. Activegel mammoplasty solves problems quickly and easily: modern technology – gel injections or implants – will help make the figure the way you want it to be.

In what cases is a filler used to correct and give breast bigger volume?
• Asymmetry of mammary glands (difference in volume)
• After the birth of a child / lactation, when the breast loses its former elasticity and shape
• If there is a will to enlarge glands by 1-2 sizes

Mammoplasty is performed by two methods: by injecting the gel or by using implants based on the same gel. Which way to choose?

Fillers for mammoplasty:
• Are applied for slight correction – for example, when you need to correct a small asymmetry or give an additional volume of 1 size lift breast at the most
• Injection plasty does not require surgical intervention, it is easier to tolerate
• Women who do not want to have something foreign in their body

Hydrogel implants for breast augmentation:
• Used to make the volume 1-2 sizes larger
• Have a longer lasting effect, since the filler does not resolve
• Allow to correct even serious flaws

In both cases, breast augmentation by Activegel is highly effective, since this material is a new generation drug. It is convenient and safe to use: its structure includes tested components that are harmless to health.

With the correct injection of a filler or implant discomfort is felt only during the first days after the procedure. Then, when puffiness subsides, you can return to a full life and enjoy your new, more perfect body. Breast implants based on Activegel are easy to get on without causing infections. Gel injections are also aseptic, since the material is absolutely sterile.

Especially for those who are prone to allergies: it is clinically confirmed that our gel does not cause irritation. Hypoallergenicity of the drug makes it almost universal.

Prices for breast augmentation by gel depend on the specific procedure plus the cost of the filler. In this context, the price for breast augmentation by Activegel will be optimal: our drug offers the best possible combination of value and quality.

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