Once-known injection gel of “Aquafilling” brand with serious criticism of its quality, numerous complications caused with negligent attitude of doctors to the patients and the injection methods, has been prohibited since 2017, is not manufactured in the Czech Republic and prohibited for use in Europe. Currently, “Aquafilling” gel, which exists in the fillers market, is manufactured in China. The product has doubtful documents and can hardly claim for improved quality. Please note that Aquafilling neither dissolves nor is excreted with urine as it was (or probably is still) declared by its manufacturers. With its unstable formula, it can just disintegrate in a human body.

Thus, Aquafilling seriously discredits the reputation of other manufacturers and the efficiency and safety of similar injection gels.

We kindly request the patients who value their health and the doctors who value their reputation not to be allured with a cheap (or expensive) price of the product or service and not to put their health or their medical practice at risk.