Production of Activegel

Gel implants priceThe fundamental difference between Activegel and fillers of the first generation is that it contains only hypoallergenic components synthesized in the laboratory. For example, hyaluronic acid contained in many similar products was extracted from the crests of roosters, which often led to allergic reactions. Today, only innovative biotechnologies are used, which allows to reduce any side effects to zero.

Another advantage of our substance is that it does not contain genetically modified components. Although there is no convincing evidence that they are harmful to health, we refused to use GMOs to avoid even potential risks.

What is our product made of? The basis is a physiological solution (sodium chloride), which can be safely used even for intravenous injections, as well as synthetic polymers which are responsible for a uniform gel structure. Thus, it can be concluded that the material contains ingredients that are easily tolerated by a human organism, and which do not cause rejection, inflammation or other undesirable consequences. After administration of Activegel patients recover within in a few days and can lead a normal lifestyle.

Activegel is 100% sterile. First, it is prepared in aseptic conditions to keep away viruses or bacteria. After this, autoclaving (sterilization under high pressure) occurs. It is clinically proven that if hygiene standards are observed during and after the implantation procedure infection is ruled out. The study showed that the substance has mild acidity, and, as is known, acid medium is not favorable for pathogenic microflora.

Additionally: required conformity certificates (EN ISO) according to requirements for such medical materials are available.

Keep in mind that all the properties described above (hypoallergenicity, sterility, lack of GMO components, first-class quality, etc.) are guaranteed only in the case of original production. Beware of fakes and make purchases only from proven vendors. On our site you can buy a real Activegel directly from the manufacturer. By doing this you will not only protect yourself but also will be able to purchase products at an attractive price.

Stay healthy and beautiful!